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Switching to HTTPS Will Automatically Improve Your Rankings on Tablet Devices

Google is a strong advocate of HTTPS, a method of encrypting web traffic to increase site security. This azar type of encryption also helps prevent “man in the middle” attacks. Google will increase your rankings when it sees your site is encrypted. In addition, HTTPS creates a more mydailypapers secure site for your users, which will increase customer traffic.

Switching to HTTPS will also improve your rankings on Bing. While Bing doesn’t directly use HTTPS to newsincs determine rankings, it does indirectly influence Bing’s algorithm. In addition to backlinks, HTTPS improves the security of communications between your website and visitors. It can also help your website acquire backlinks, which will help it rank higher on both Google and Bing.

Google started using onethink HTTPS as a ranking signal in 2016 and will continue to use it in its algorithm going forward. The company said that pre-rollout tests showed that HTTPS was only beneficial for one percent of search queries, and that future improvements could kamitamika bolster the ranking value of HTTPS.

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