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Is RapidShare Legal in Germany?

Rapidshare has had some problems recently. A German court recently ruled that it is still legal to operate in the country, though it had to take steps to prevent piracy. This meant monitoring users’ tvcrazy and websites that link to copyrighted files. It also meant making copyrighted files inaccessible. Rapidshare said it is trying to tackle online piracy, but it has had problems for months now. A request for comment was not returned.

Filmowisko is a forum where files are shared via Rapidshare

Filmowisko is a forum that provides links to films and presentnews shows that are hosted on Rapidshare. After an investigation by an anti-piracy group, three alleged operators of the site were arrested, two of whom were teenagers. While the site did not host illegal content itself, it did provide links to warez files hosted on hosting sites.

The site was founded in 2002 and became one of the most popular sites on the Internet in 2009. By 2009, it was one of the top 20 most visited sites on the Internet. In its heyday, the site claimed to host up to 10 petabytes of data and support three million users at once. But after the takedown of Megaupload by legal authorities in 2012, RapidShare decided to change its business model and refocused its services to personal subscription-based cloud file storage. It closed down in March 2015.

Megaupload is a rival to RapidShare

rapidshare was an online life2news service founded in 2002. It was ranked among the top 20 most popular websites on the Internet by 2009. At its peak, the site could handle over 10 petabytes of files and three million users at once. RapidShare changed its business model after Megaupload was shut down in 2012. Instead of offering free file-sharing, the site focused on providing personal cloud-based storage. The company has since ceased operations.

The recent lasenorita raid of Megaupload has sparked fears that the site is infiltrated by pirates. The FBI has shut down the site, but this isn’t enough to put it out of business. Rival file-sharing sites are taking advantage of the Megaupload’s downfall, with users flocking to their sites. Since Megaupload is used mostly for music and video sharing, the company’s arrest has spurred many of its users to switch to rival sites.

Megaupload is similar to cpanews in many ways, but is not a direct competitor. You can upload unlimited files, share them with other users, and even email links. Unlike RapidShare, there’s no storage limit on Megaupload, though the files are automatically deleted after a certain period. To prevent this, you can sign up for a Gold membership. It costs $39 for 150 days, and $130 for two years.

Torrenting isn’t illegal

Torrenting is a legal process that allows users to share files with others. Using the BitTorrent protocol to share files is not illegal in itself, but downloading content that is copyrighted is. If you download a copyrighted film, it is illegal.

The best way to stay safe when torrenting on a torrent site is to ensure that the files you download are legal. While it is difficult to tell the difference between free and copyrighted content, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Even if torrenting on a torrent site is not illegal, your IP address is monitored and will be disclosed to your ISP if you are caught downloading pirated content.

Depending on your country’s laws, illegal torrenting may come with severe repercussions. If you’re caught, you could face fines of up to US$750 per file. Additionally, you could be sentenced to five years in prison.

Legality of RapidShare

RapidShare is not immune to legal disputes, and the company has made several changes to its service to make it more difficult for piracy to occur. These changes include limiting download speeds for “free” users, and monitoring forums for infringing links. In addition, RapidShare has defended itself against a court order to monitor its service. It has said it will appeal the ruling and take it to the Supreme Court.

The legality of RapidShare has been questioned since its start, but a German court has found it legal. The court found that the service must implement mechanisms to prevent users from circumventing the law. It is therefore important for users to be careful before using RapidShare. However, this decision does not address the business model, and it only discusses civil liability. In addition, the decision shows that Rapidshare encourages uploading by making download speeds artificially slow. The company also makes money from subscriptions for fast download speeds.


Although RapidShare has won several court cases recently, the most recent case has been a legal one. In 2009, the Association of American Publishers said that RapidShare was one of the most prominent hosts of pirated material on the Internet. In 2010, six major U.S. educational publishers brought a successful copyright infringement lawsuit against RapidShare in Germany. As a result of the court ruling, the company is required to monitor external websites for infringing files.

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